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Treat ‘Em Right feeds all our dogs raw meat via Rescue Bank. Without you, our rescue efforts would simply not be possible.  I’d like to share a short success story with you…

 Meet Bessie Isabelle. We sprung Bessie from BARC on May 15, 2010. At this point, she weighed only 23.6 lbs., less than half of what a healthy Pit Bull like Bessie should have weighed. She was so weak that we had to carry her out, as her poor little body failed her after only a few steps. The first 3 pictures were taken on the day we saved her (Bessie 1, Bessie 2, Bessie 3).

 Bessie’s body was not used to food, so we had to feed her only the tiniest amounts of raw meat 6-7 times a day. On May 21, only 6 days after we pulled Bessie from BARC, Bessie weighed 34.4 lbs. She regained some of her strength and was finally able to walk on her own!

 On June 14, Bessie’s weight had shot up to 44 lbs! She was finally healthy enough to go to a forever home, and she was looking great! A few weeks later, we had a couple volunteer to foster Bessie. We were very excited, as they already had a female pittie and were just incredible people. Bessie went to her new foster home, and 2 days later, George (foster dad) called to tell us that there was no way they were ever going to be without Bessie- she was home!

 The last 3 pictures were sent to us by George and Robin, Bessie’s parents. In the 2 pictures where Bessie (and her sister, Athena) is in the car, her parents were officially filling out the paperwork that made Bessie theirs. The picture of Bessie in the chair was taken on her very first camping trip!

 You can see the amazing transformation Bessie went through. She wouldn’t be the happy dog she is today without Rescue Bank! We are truly grateful for the wonderful program you have going- please never end it!

 From all of us at Treat ‘Em Right, and from all the dogs whose lives you’ve helped save, THANK YOU.


Treat ‘Em Right Rescue